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In a world besieged by poor imitation extreme sports titles, Downhill Domination stands out as finally releasing gameplay that’s different from the competition, even if only slightly so. Not, I repeat, not a rip-off of the traditional Tony Hawk style gameplay, Downhill Domination combines the thrill of high-speed racing with extreme sports biking and high-flying stunt work. Presented in a deliciously palatable way, this might not be the best game for all sports fans, but it’s well worth the purchase if you’re looking for something outside the norm.


itself is quite simple, relying on good stick work to control your character, which gets only slightly tougher when you throw in the stunt system. As is somewhat traditional, your shoulder buttons provide enough room for a variety of excellent tricks, which of course you can push to the max. I’m quite happy with the way the control worked out, as usual, you’ve got decent control over your character, and like a real bike, turning too hard can provoke a crash of the rather nasty sort. Powerups give you a variety of extra features, including progressively meaner attacks that you can use to disable the other riders



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